Domaine Ribiera Amassa 2019 (Cinsault/Grenache)


Old Vine Cinsault and Grenache - compote and floral notes, vibrant berries, dark strawberries and blue fruit, leading into nice spice, light dusty tannins, tiny hints of liquorice and graphite and good acidity that rounds out the palate. Juicy, delicious and leaves you wanting more. At 12.5% it's wonderfully easy to drink and will be great with crispy pork belly, pate with crusty bread or some form of terrine (duck or rabbit, you take your pick!).

in 2005, Regis and Christine Pichon quit their city life as sommeliers and wine buyers in busy Parisian restaurants and moved to the south of France to become vignerons in a very sleepy village called aspiran (Pezenas). Regis has an approach to vineyards and wine which is entire, whole, without compromise. Yet he is philosophically not a control freak, much more instinctive and happier to accept truths in the vineyard even where he doesn’t fully understand the cause. this approach shows his great humility. the Domaine holds 7 ha of vines on 2 distinct terroirs: marls (sandy clay on limestone) and Galets roulés (smooth rolled river stones). the vine stock includes some traditional and rare varieties, including Clairette, terret Blanc / Gris and Cinsault, plus some Grenache and Syrah. the vineyards are ploughed lightly early in the season, then wild native species are allowed to grow between rows to help with balance and harmony, including wild fennel, garrigue herbs and flowers.

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