Dominique Andiran Vin de France Vain de ru 7102

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'Dominique Andiran also makes a beautiful, white wine called Vain de Rû that is a delight to drink as an aperitif or match with food. He uses the local Colombard grape (a descendant of Gouais Blanc and Chenin Blanc) for this wine and it works perfectly. The grapes are grown on clay that is rich with limestone rocks which give this wine its vibrant minerality. Further complexity was given to this wine through slightly extended maceration (a little over twenty hours) which has resulted in a richer flavour and more interesting texture without over-extraction of the polyphenols from the skins. The juice was then transferred to fiberglass tanks. The wine displays an appealing freshness with hints of acacia and grapefruit. So easy for drinking by itself or with oysters, seafood or chicken or a wide range of vegetable dishes. One writer has called this wine "the Muscadet of the South-West" which is written as a compliment. And as for the name! The French love a play on words. The word rû means small stream. Now, rû is similar to rue, the word for street where casual parties are held and this wine is perfect for casual parties, therefore he wanted to call it Vin de rû. But the French appellation rules govern the size that the word Vin can be displayed on the labels and he wanted the letters to be big, so he changed it to Vain!!!

Note that the 7102 appears on the label as a code for the year of vintage as it is not permitted to put the vintage on the label of a Vin de France wine.'

- Living Wines

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