Eldorado Road Beechworth Syrah 2018


'A new addition to our range. This wine came about with the opportunity to lease a neglected vineyard just up the road from our farm and vineyards in Eldorado, a 15 minutes by tractor to be precise. The vineyard is comprised of 5 different Shiraz clones, Durif along with small plantings of Viogner and Marsanne for cofermentation.

Planted on a boney ridge of hill to very poor soils composed of a red sandy loam with slate and ironstone fragments present. When we took over the vineyard in mid 2017 it was in need of some drastic viticulture , so much so that we had to think twice about whether we wanted to take on such a project. However Pauls optimism shone through and we gave the vines a second prune reducing crop load and regenerating the vines.

It was severe late winter haircut and resulted in an expected miniscule yield. The severity of the intervention meant we ended up with only a little under 2.5 tonnes off this 7 acre vineyard, the vines were in much better shape now though. The upside of the super low crop was a very high quality of fruit. All the Shiraz, Viogner (1.5%) and Marsanne (0.5%) was combined and fermented together.

The ferment was only plunged lightly once a day and gently basket pressed straight to oak after 17 days on skins. Kept on full gross lees for 18 months in 3 French Oak Puncheons (new, 2 & 5 year old) as well as one 4 year old French Barrique. Due to the soil profile and its propensity to ripen rapidly combined with our intention to produce a Syrah style we picked early to ensure a wine of tension and vitality.

This Syrah shows spice and pepper on the nose which carries through on the medium bodied palate loaded with red and blue fruits, right in line with the style outcome we so desired.

Lightly filtered and bottled in June 2019. Vegan Friendly.'

- Eldorado Road 

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