Equipo Navazos La Bota 59 Manzanilla Pasada


Saca of June 2015 | D.O. Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda | 16% alc. | Calle Misericordia, Origin: Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín, Sanlúcar de Barrameda So now we move from an Amontillado (that was once a Manzanilla Pasada) to the thing itself. This extraordinary Manzanilla Pasada is named after Rafael Rivas, the capataz for several decades at La Guita's Sanlúcar bodega, until his retirement in 2011. Rivas commenced this solera in 1986 with 15 butts of well-aged Manzanilla. The plan was to produce an old Manzanilla of exceptional quality, should one be required to add some extra kick to the House's commercial releases. No such kick was ever required, and in order to preserve the character of this wine, and to prevent it turning into an Amontillado, capataz Rivas managed these 15 butts with kid gloves - 'touching' them only sparsely, sometimes as little as two years apart, and refreshing them with wines sourced from the best solera of La Guita. Another feature that contributes to this wine's singularity (particularly its intense and vibrant notes of salinity on the palate) is the way the butts were filled almost up to a tocadedos (within finger reach from the top)-well above the customary 5/6 in the Sherry region. This way, the yeast layer or "flor" (truly weakened now by the wine's age and lack of nutrients) in these butts was able to be maintained even with those scarce refills. Currently, the "shepherd" of these casks is Capataz Cabo, the heir of Capataz Rivas, who works under the direction of Eduardo Ojeda.

This prodigious wine is a blend of 14 of the butts described above (the contents of the Bota Punta are bottled separately for the La Bota No. 60 below). With the age of the solera now averaging 15 years, this is a true manzanilla pasada, unmarked by any amontillado character, and extremely singular in style... "like the good old ones," remarks Jesús. The balance here is again exceptional and the perfume and mouthfeel so pure and seductive. There's chamomile 

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