Equipo Navazos La Bota 87 Gin, Bota NO


La Bota de Gin 87 “Bota NO” is a complex and elegant gin, perfumed, with a subtle sherry character. It has its origin in a finest distillate, London Dry Gin style, with marked citrus and juniper berries aromas, later aged for almost four years in a single cask previously used for ageing Fino from Jerez until it has been bottled at cask strength. The outcome is not only a symphony of aromas and flavors, but also a delicate palate that reminds of manzanilla pasada rather than spirits.

We said about La Bota de Gin 81 “Bota NO”, which shares origin and aging (a single cask parallel to the one we are now presenting), that it is an exceptional gin and that we did not know any other one like it, not even one that resembled it from afar. Well, now there are two sister gins that share singularity. The ten additional months of ageing have helped this release No.87 to gain maturity and a touch of enhanced sherry air, without giving it toasted aromas.

To mature this magnificent gin, at the beginning of 2014 we selected several old casks that had previously been used for maturing sherry or brandy for more than forty years. One of them was almost completely emptied for this edition of the “La Bota” series. It is therefore an exclusive product, which will last as long as it takes to sell out the few less than six hundred bottles that have come out of this single cask.

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