Equipo Navazos La Bota de Grain Whisky bota no. 89


You could say that Equipo Navazos are independent bottlers of Sherry from Jerez, in Spain. They handpick only the finest barrels of sherry from single barrels or soleras, which are then bottled when they’re deemed ready. They are releasing some of the tastiest Sherries in the world but have also recently started creating delicious Whisky. And what better way to make a Sherry Cask Whisky than straight from a Sherry cask in Jerez!

46% alc. Single Oloroso cask. This comes from the sister cask to the extraordinary La Bota 66 de Malt Whisky that we shipped a few years ago. In this case the new make is a grain Whisky, grown and pot-distilled in Castilla la Vieja in Northern Spain. Its age is estimated at around 14 years, of which the past seven have been spent in a single solera cask that previously stored a very old, dry Oloroso.

This is a magnificent and super-fine spirit with tobacco and roasted grain notes and a gently smoky, peaty edge. Then there’s a lovely honeyed sweetness, which lends the spirit an almost Bourbon-like quality without the overt vanillin. The spicy, saline and fully integrated close is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Another incredibly intense yet classy spirit—unrepeatable, of course, as it’s a single cask release.


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