Eric Goypieron Trousseau 2018


Trousseau that is light, energetic, vibrant and busting with spice, red berry goodness and fine acid. Perfect wine for the warmer weather! Dangerously easy to drink. 

'Quitting his day job and following his passion for wine at the age of 40, Eric is someone driven by love and devotion. He purchased a house and small winery, with an exceptional view, not far from the prestigious Chaton Chalon. With a group of friends, they began buying small plots of Savagnin, Trousseau, Poulsard and Chardonnay all within walking distance from his house and he now owns a little less than 2 hectares. He worked for the legendary Jacques Puffenay and had spent a lot of time with his friend Michel Gahier. Spending most of the time in the vines, Eric farms everything organically, making wine in the most natural environment, with no additions and no sulphites. A one-man show doing everything himself, he stepped out from the Jura appellation a few years back as this didn’t have much coherence for him. A very inspiring person with a crazy personality.'

- Brix Fine Wines 

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