Hervé Souhaut Clos des Cessieux 2017


A new cuvée from vines that Beatrice's grandfather owns (along with all the other vines). But around 25 years ago, before he knew Hervé wanted to make wines, he rented that parcel out with a 25-year lease. The vines were planted back then from clonal selection (as opposed to massale (non-clone) for the rest of the vines). These vines weren't worked organically until Hervé got the vines back in 2013. Hervé says the soil in St Joseph is very rocky with very little soft soil that retains chemicals, so he thinks the chemicals have now washed out of the parcel.
Les Cessieux is a study of Hervé's use of finesse in what would traditionally have made a powerful and brooding wine. The classic elements of Northern Rhone Syrah, dark red fruits and savory elements of bacon fat are present, but they are subtle in comparison with the floral aromas jumping out of the glass. Les Cessieux is Hervé's most exuberant - one might say hedonistic - wines.

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