'Its a Hawk Off' Mixed 6 pack


Brothers, Craig Hawkins and Neil Hawkins, both from South Africa, are making exceptional minimal intervention, organic wines. The big difference is Craig Hawkins is still living and making wines in South Africa (The Swartland) - Testalonga Wines. While, Neil Hawkins makes wine in Gippsland, VIC - The Wine Farm. He moved to Australia after falling in love with an Australian lass.

Testalonga Wines are more experimental in style, while The Wine Farm’s are more traditional. Both producers use winemaking techniques that will help their grapes shine, based on variety and terroir.

We’ve put together an awesome 6 pack, with 3 wines from each producer. It’s a great way to experience the results of very different winemaking techniques and terroir.

Mix 6 pack

- Testalonga Keep on Punching 2018 (Chenin Blanc)

- Testalonga Stay Brave 2018 (Skin Contact Chenin Blanc) 

- Testalonga Chin up 2018 (Cinsault) 

- The Wine Farm Chardonnay 2017

- The Wine Farm Pinot Gris 2017

- The Wine Farm Riesling 2016 

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