Jean-Pierre Robinot Iris 2019

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'This wine is one of the most stunning and complex of the Robinot range. Jean-Pierre won't release his wines until he thinks they are ready. This is a Chenin Blanc of stunning complexity and amazing minerality! It has 25 grams of residual sugar.

Chenin Blanc wines from the Loire are widely known for their longevity. This wine, in particular, is capable of lasting a long time, however, it is an intriguing wine to drink now.

When you drink this wine you can see how careful management of the vineyard leads to great quality fruit and this in turn helps to produce wine of amazing complexity.

We also have a small allocation of the “Super” Juliette made from vines that are over 100 years old! Robinot points out that this is a “vin d’une extrême finesse avec une grande énergie”.

- Living Wines

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