Jean-Pierre Robinot Iris 2021

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'It is not often that we are speechless, but after we opened this newly arrived Iris for a small group that is exactly what happened!

This wine is quite extraordinary. It is a pure expression of the power, elegance and depth that can be achieved from the Chenin Blanc grape variety.

Chenin Blanc is one of the best grapes available for producing long-lasting, age-worthy wines. The vines also react to the prevailing soil types, taking on the minerality of the soils quite strongly if they are not treated with sprays which destroy the microbes and funghi in the soil.

This Chenin Blanc benefits from the Cretaceous soils in the Loire Valley (note that there also is a Loir River that runs through this area which eventually reaches the Loire River near Angers) which glint with red from the flint embedded within the underlying limestone.

The vines are now over 90 years old and the soil comprises clay made from decomposed red flint sitting over chalky limestone.

The result is a profound white wine that is already drinking beautifully but will continue to improve for many years. At our first tasting of the 2020 vintage we were blown away by its purity and length. It is a very special wine!

There are no sulphites added to this wine at any stage.'

- Living Wines

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