Jean-Pierre Robinot (l’Opera des Vins) Opéra Rouge 2021

'The Robinot family is broadening their reach and have sourced some excellent grapes from the Anjou region (below the city of Angers) which is not too far from where they live. The red grapes are Cabernet Franc that have grown on sixty year old vines.

One of the advantages of Cabernet Franc is that it ripens faster than Cabernet Sauvignon and therefore doesn’t exhibit those green pepper flavours that are so common in Cabernet Sauvignon grown in cold climates – and the Loire can be very cold in winter and even spring.

Like most of the Robinot wines the juice was transferred to fibreglass following natural fermentation to mature and was then bottled. It’s quite a shock to see such dark, juicy, peppery red wine coming from a Robinot bottle having been drinking their Pineau d’Aunis red wines for so long! However, the result is a delicious red wine that displays all the character of Cabernet Franc with that special touch that only the Robinot family can provide.'

- Living Wines

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