Julie Brosselin Mata Hari 2015


Only 2 dozen brought into Australia. Delicious Orange wine made from Grenache Blanc. This wine shows how good Orange wine can be. 

'Macerated Grenache Blanc, which convinced us to import Julie's wines and we’re pleased we were able to secure 2 dozen bottles of the same vintage for this shipment.

We tried it again while we were in France in July this year at the same time as our order was on the water while eating at the wonderful Auberge de Chassignolles. Drinking it with delicious food further confirmed our decision.

This is a beautiful orange (skin maceration) wine with stunning control of the tannins and other polyphenols that are produced from the skin contact with the juice. It has a limpid orange colour, beautiful phenolics and will match with just about any food you would want to eat!'

- Living Wines 

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