Kings County Distillery barrel strength straight Bourbon Whiskey

Once a regular KC offering, the pressure today on the distillery's older inventory has meant that this Barrel Strength has become an allocated Whiskey. The current allotment is a particularly small blend and includes a number of barrels pulled from the oldest stock Kings County Bourbon inventory (5+ years). It is also the distillery's highest ever proof Bourbon at 63.6% ABV. This is a connoisseur's Bourbon: opulent, hedonistic and strikingly bold. Gorgeous stuff. "Yes, you read that right: 63% alcohol by volume. Bottled straight from the barrel, this New York bourbon slithers into the glass like a venom spitting snake. Drink it neat and it evaporates in the mouth with warming dark toffee and berry flavours that themselves into your taste buds. Mix it with something less boozy and it'll beef it up a treat, lending it the richness of sweet oak while applying a smooth, creamy lacquer to help the drink slide down in style.

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