Konpira Maru Goose Rosé 2021

'The Goose series is produced in honour of the ill-fated but loyal sidekicks of many a true warrior (who got all the attention.)  Here's to Nick "Goose" Bradshaw; loving husband of Carole and father to Bradley, who dies in an unfortunate ejector seat incident flying with his great mate Peter "Maverick" Mitchell in Top Gun. Later Maverick only has eyes for former nemesis Ice Man. 

330ml Stubbies, perfect for the park or taking "rocking up to a party with a slab" to a whole new level.

Aromatics of custard tart with glazed strawberries and a palate of dehydrated raspberry straps, best enjoyed while strolling the Place de la Comédie and admiring yourself for being in such a great place drinking such a great wine.'

80% Dolcetto 20% Chardonnay, King Valley, VIC

- Konpira Maru 

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