Konpira Maru, Kavorka Saperavi 2017 (damaged labels)


The labels have been slightly damaged but the wines are perfectly fine. 

'The Kavorka Saperavi was our most anticipated wine (internally) of the 2017 vintage. During ferment, it threw epic pomegranate and plum aromatics which was a great sign and the wine itself hasn’t disappointed. Part of the intensity of this wine is due to the fact that we drained off the Piss Christ Saperavi Rose 2017 (about 25% of the total volume) as juice from the grapes when they arrived at the winery 4am on the 27th of January. Incredible fine but bold tannin with dense and approachable fruit, great cold and at room temperature. A wine of real style and the reason we are so excited by South Burnett.'

- Konpira Maru

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