Konpira Maru The Ballad of Boggy Creek Arneis 2021


'When one thinks of the great waterways of the world, the mind conjures up such rivers as the Nile, the Amazon, the Torrens... no one ever thinks of the mighty Boggy Creek. Yet what an achiever it is. Sure it may not be wide or rapid, but this brook, bourn, runnel, rill, whatever you want to call it, has made its own mighty mark on the wine industry, by slowly over geological time, splitting the lava flow that formed Whitlands in two. And there it flows, between the two towering viticultural goliaths of the Whitlands ridges, just admiring its own handiwork. However, that's not all, this unassuming tributary of the King River has also sprung its own gold seam, with the beautiful Cavicchiolo Vineyard sitting either side of its banks. And it's here that we were lucky enough to secure a small parcel of Arneis. 

We aimed to make a textural white that was still light on its feet. To do this we fermented on skins, and pressed it in five batches over the course of 4 weeks (on day 1, 7, 14, 21 and 28 to be exact), with all batches finishing ferment in old french oak. The wine has a subtle yet gripping tannin, and flavours of granny smith apple and green almond. A moderate haze with a lovely green-yellow gloss. We recommend drinking this with cinnamon donuts or a hot dog with American mustard (no cheese).'

- Konpira Maru 

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