l’Octavin Cariboom 2020


'The grapes for this wine were not direct pressed as with the above wine, therefore the wine ended up as a light red wine rather than a white wine which the direct pressing of the grapes caused for the wine described immediately above.

This is a lovely, light red wine made from two different grape varieties picked from the vineyards of Claude Ughetto (Saint-Pierre de Vassols). Each is 50%. The Carignan had 20 days of maceration (whole bunch). The Grenache had 5 weeks of maceration. They were assembled in December 2020 and bottled in May 2021.  13% ABV.

A spooky side note is that for many years we owned, with two friends, a house in a village called Caromb, which is on the lower slopes of the famous Mont Ventoux. When we looked out the top window of the house we could clearly see Claude Ughetto’s vineyards!'

- Living Wines

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