La Violetta 'Yé-Yé Grise' 2017


'The back label has gewurztraminer and riesling as the grapes with ‘griserie’ added below in small font which likely indicates to me ‘other grapes’ as the ball park translation of griserie is ‘left over mess’ or similar. Maybe not. Maybe a nod to pinot gris. Maybe something to do with the two main varieties meshing as a portmanteau. Anyway, I note a few retailers and some wine writers have cited the grape griserie as the third variety in this wine, and if so, well, it’s a very new variety to me…

This wine is straight up delicious and easy to drink. Has the faintest skinsy hue to it though that comes back in spades in texture with full, brown pear skin grip and glide to it. The flavours are more nashi pear, Golden Delicious apple, and there’s a faint chamomile thing going on. It feels good to drink, interesting to drink and could both fly under the radar at a gathering as ‘geez that’s a nice drop’ or have the nerds in the corner umming and ahhing.'

- 92 Points, Mike Bennie, The Wine Front 

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