Le Vendangeur Masqué Caravan 2019

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'We always look forward to the arrival of Alice and Olivier’s Caravan each year although we are very mindful that the reason they need to create this wine is because of the ravages of the frost in their vineyards.

Each year now they seem to need to travel the length and breadth of France collecting grapes from friends to make a wine to see them through the coming year. The extraordinary thing about the wines they make, however, is that no matter what grapes they but and where they are from, the wine ends up tasting like a signature De Moor wine! Every year the grape varieties and the percentage used are different.

This wine is made from purchased grapes and, as with everything they make, it is a sensational wine. They have sourced a variety of grapes from around France and made a wine from Riesling (40%) from Alsace, Sauvignon Blanc (40%) and Chardonnay (10%) from the nearby Yonne départment and Aligoté (10%) from their own vineyards. The alcohol level is a pleasant 12.5%.

The result is a fresh and lively wine with a lovely perfume which is perfect as an aperitif.'

- Living Wines

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