Les Vins du Clair Obscur, Petillant Naturel "Freemousse” Aligote 2019


Aligote the lesser known white grape in Burgundy, sometimes referred to as the poorer cousin of Chardonnay. When made right, they are fantastic and thrive in chalky soil, like in Burgundy. As a Pet Nat its just so refreshing, crunchy green apples, unripe peaches/nectarines, white flowers, sea spray, gentle aromas of herbs and lots acidity. Have it with crab cakes, scallops, Fish tacos or just outside in the sun on a hot day. 

'This story started in the 60s when the family planted some vines purely for personal consumption. Since then Pierre Clair runs the day-to-day in parallel with working at the prestigious biodynamic property Domaine de Marquis as a “chef de Culture”. He was previously doing this at Domaine de Montille. The philosophy of Pierre is simple, he vinifies using whole bunches, old barriques and without additives. Recently they have added a few more wines to their line-up utilising negoce grapes to extend their offering and experiment with new wines. A genuine rising star in less well- known appellation.'

- Brix Fine WInes

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