Little Reddie Brothers Malmsbury Chardonnay 2019

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'Hands down my favourite release of this wine to date. A rare opportunity to make an expressive and varietal wine without additions.

Oatmeal, lemon zest, the smell of a brokengreen branch.

The palate is broad, the core has a rocky density and the finish is fine and persistent. It’s shark-like in shape. Bitter flavours - endive, sorrel, push against the honeyed, satisfying flesh of fruit. Edgy, rocky, mineral flavour keeps the wine on the right side of the flabby/firm equation. These firm and slippery textures contrasted by a slight coarseness of oak.

A real mouthful in a wonderful, Victorian, uninhibited way. Zero Sulphur, very stable. Will age well in bottle / can be enjoyed over several days. Gentle decant is recommended (if you plan on finishing the bottle).'

- Little Reddie Wines 


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