Little Reddie Colbinabbin Nebbiolo Super Juice 2020


The Nebbiolo fruit here is from Willoughby Bridge, predominantly C block and a smaller portion of A block. The vines were grafted in 2015 over vines planted in 1999. These blocks are on the dustier, redder soils as opposed to the older block. The wine is blended from predominantly a short and cold maceration of C block Nebbiolo, along with some rosé (from the same pick and a portion of both pressings and free run from an earlier A Block pick). C Block tends to be happily ripe somewhere after sparkling wine acid has left the building but before the skins and seeds are ripe enough to ferment into a satisfying red wine, so the intention was to allow some of these interesting, slightly blocky, phenolics to speak without making an over extracted, under-ripe red wine. 
The fruit was chilled, de-stemmed and sealed up in tank for one week. Ferment began very slowly during this time. This batch was then pressed with lots of oxygen to an open top tank where it was allowed to ferment vigorously (also with lots of oxygen) before being racked to one old puncheon and hogshead after ferment. Barrels of rosé (some with really aggressive exposure to oxygen, others pristine) were blended to balance. No additions whatsoever.

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