Little Reddie Single Year Release Bannockburn Chardonnay 2019


'My first-ever harvest experience was at Bannockburn under Michael Glover in 2013. There was no way I could pass up the opportunity to make a tiny, one off production from this iconic Victorian Chardonnay site: the Winery Block at Bannockburn Vineyards in the Geelong G.I. While the clone of this 1981 planting is not certain, it’s most likely P58. The rootstock is SO4. Soils are a mix of volcanic topsoils (basalt) over limestone.

It was a very interesting pick for me, in that phenolic ripeness was early relative to other factors — not something I have seen elsewhere. The fruit was de-stemmed and pressed (to allow the ripe phenolics to speak) into stainless where the juice was settled before ferment in one old puncheon, one second-pass hogshead and an old barrique for overflow during fermentation. Fermentations were varied, all long and slow but especially so for the hogshead. Racked to stainless in spring 2019, before going to bottle late winter 2019. Small sulphur additions both at the racking and at bottling.'

- Little Reddie 

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