Little Reddie Single Year Release Prosecco Tahbilk, Nagambie Lakes 2019

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Prosecco, but made like a Pet Nat.  

From Sarah Gough’s beautiful Box Grove vineyard, which is planted in a north/south orientation on decomposed granite flats at the western base of the Strathbogie ranges.
The intention here was to make something 'by hand' as opposed to the mass-produced crap that is, generally speaking, Victorian Prosecco. Fruit was hand-harvested by Sarah and her team from a couple of complete rows as well as a few row ends (machine harvesters don't hit the vine at the beginning of each row so we picked those few panels that it missed rather than let the grapes be wasted). The pick was gently whole-bunch pressed with a manual operation then settled, fermented in tank and racked a couple of times mid-ferment to keep things clean. The ferment really slowed towards the end and eventually ran out of steam at 13g/l of sugar. This was super lucky as it's a near-perfect number to bottle a pet-nat. I chilled the ferment right down and added a small amount of sulphur (20 ppm) at this point as there was some competing bacteria and I didn’t want it to go nuts in bottle. The re-fermentation in bottle was extremely slow, taking a full year and then some to get dry and fizzy (18 months on fine lees). Lovely, fizzy and well settled.


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