Little Reddie Single Year Release Woori Yallock Sauvignon Blanc 2019


'The SYR wines are a tangent through which I can explore regions, varieties or ideas that sit outside the regular Little Reddie wines. They are an opportunity to keep things fresh and discover things I would otherwise miss.

This is from the Lone Star Creek Vineyard, which has calcareous white clay soils and a north-facing slope. 75% of the fruit was gently whole-bunch-pressed with the remaining quarter de-stemmed on top of the juice. Fermentation was very cold in stainless steel, with very gentle plunging of the cap by hand. The idea here was to flirt with the texture of the skins but not let them overtake the wine aromatically. After a week or so the skins were scooped off the top and disposed of (without pressing). The wine was moved to a closed-top tank until it was dry, then to three old barriques and one small tank for elevage. Some sulphur added.'

- Little Reddie 

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