l'Octavin Ganache 2020


'This lovely wine is made from 100% Grenache sourced from a vineyard owned by Claude Ughetto beside the cemetry in Saint Pierre de Vassols, which is not far from Carpentras in Provence.

This wine was a big surprise to us. The vineyard is quite close to Caromb, the village where we had a house for many years and we have driven past it many times, completely unaware we would one day have a close association with it.

Even more surprising is the lightness and freshness of the wine, something you don’t really associate with the spicy rich wines from this region. It is truly delicious.

As usual, Alice and her team picked the grapes. The whole bunches were macerated for three weeks before pressing and the wine was bottled in June 2021.

The vineyard is certified organic by Ecocert and the wine is 12.5% alcohol.'

- Living Wines

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