l'Octavin Ivre de Vivre 2018

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'We’re delighted when a wine as delicious as Ivre de Vivre returns on our reservation list. We loved the 2017 vintage and now, if anything, 2018 is even more delicious. Hopefully Alice will make this a regular part of her wine making.

Ivre de Vivre is 100% Viognier sourced from Jean Francois Debourg in the Bully region (which lies north-west of the city of Lyon) whose vines are in conversion to organic certification.

This is a lovely, fresh, minerally white wine that is perfect with a wide range of foods. It’s a freshness and liveliness you don’t normally associate with Viognier but definitely do associate with Alice’s wines.

The grapes were direct pressed then fermented in fibreglass tank before being bottled in May 2019. It is 12.5% alcohol.

And we love the idea of a wine that is called “drink to live”.'

- Living Wines

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