Loic Mahé 'Sectilis Terra' - AOC Savennières 2009

Very old vines clinging to schist rubble, no soil to be found, facing directly south at the sun
In a very solar vintage, on a naturally low yielding vineyard, these grandfather Chenin Blanc vines produced tiny clusters of tiny raisin like berries, full of intensity. The delicate grapes were picked ultra careful and lightly pressed, the sweet juice then sat in a couple of old oak barrels gently fermenting for 18 months until finally reaching dryness in its own time. The wine then rested further in barrel, then in tank, and was finally bottled and rested a further few years and is now beginning to come out of its shell.
Golden, Honey, Bees Wax, Vanilla, Cedar, Cuban Cigar, Pine Forrest, intensely aromatic, full of vitality. A rare gem.

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