A Los Vinateros Bravos - Pais, 3 pack


Sample the 3 small batch wines of Pais Wines from A Los Vinateros Bravos in Itata, Chile. Usually all 3 wines are $100 total, but in a 3 pack they are only $88! You would struggle to find a more authentic wine in the world than Leonardo Erazos' Pais wines from Chile's Itata Valley. 

Here are the reasons: 

1) There has never been phylloxera in Chile, making it the only major wine producing country that does not need American rootstocks to counter phylloxera. This gives an added dimension of authenticity.  

2) These own-rooted vines were planted no earlier than 150-years-ago, and Leonardo said they could be as old as 300 years old.

3) Pais is an ancient grape variety brought to Chile when the conquistadors settled there in the late 16th century. There are no clones, just a vine variety that has adapted to its environment for more than 400 years.

4) There is little to no disease pressure in these vineyards, so the use of vineyard treatments and sprays are rare, and in some cases, not used for an entire year, or more.

5) These grapes come from families who have farmed them naturally the same way for centuries and Leo doesn't tell them how to farm them, because they know what they are doing!

6) Leo does as little as possible to these grapes and adds a minimal amount of sulfur to keep them healthy, and worth drinking!

7) The vines come from purely granite soils that are about 320 million years ago, no amendments, no fertilisers! The vines are also dry-farmed.

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