Luke Lamberts Crudo Rosé 2017


'I was chatting with Giuseppe Vajra last week, talking Nebbiolo, and he commented that he thought Luke Lambert’s was excellent. Agreed. And nice to hear. Anyway, back to top form in 2017 for this wine. It’s a pleasant orange colour this year.

Funny thing to say, but when I first tasted this, it reminded me of a blood orange, with a little carrot (earthy) and fresh ginger in the blend: a healthy feel to it, as it were. It’s juicy and fresh, but has restraint, and a fine chalky texture. The acid line is clean and driving, and the finish is particularly long and well-defined, tannin licking playfully. There’s a little campari/orange rind twist in the aftertaste, which is gustatory and encouraging. Outstanding.'

- Gary Walsh, Wine Front 95 points 

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