Marc Kreydenweiss Les Grimaudes Rosé 2016


Rosé made from Grenache in the Southern Rhone, Dry style of rosé with lots of strawberry, cranberry, spice and citrus acidity. its bit more full, richer in style than your typical provenance style rosé even the colour is a bit dark. 

'Marc Kreydenweiss inherited his family‚Äôs vineyards in Andlau in Alsace in 1971. He then became one of the precursors to Biodynamic viticulture during the 1980‚Äôs. With a flourishing set of vineyards and exceptional quality wines, and an equally flourishing family of willing sons, Marc decided to leave the Alsace vineyards and build a vineyard in the Southern Rhone.' - Virtuous Vine 

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