Mataburro Idoine 2022


'Mataburro Idoine 2022 is mainly Merlot from vines that are 30 – 40 years old which were planted by Laurent’s father. This is supplemented by a small amount of Grenache.

Vinified initially in two fibreglass tanks, the whole bunches had five days maceration. As mentioned above for the Otium, this short period of maceration ensures that not too much tannin and other harsh polyphenols are extracted leaving a surprisingly fresh and lively wine, showing that Merlot is capable of presenting many faces if treated properly.

One tank had a little pigeage and the other none to keep the floral aromas from the semi-carbonic maceration.

The two tanks were mixed after pressing and aged in stainless steel tank. This is a very clever way of dealing with Merlot.

It is interesting to see just how good Merlot can be when the wine is made by sympathetic winemakers.

Now that so many consumers are moving to lighter styles of red wine rather than the brutish wines of twenty years ago, Merlot is finding a niche.

They found the name ‘Idoine’ in a book Laurent’s uncle had written. It means ‘the good stuff’. We agree!

This wine has no additions, including no added sulphites, and no fining or filtration. 12.5% alcohol.'

 - Living Wines

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