Mataburro Totem 2020

'Totem is a new cuvée for Laurent and Melissa made entirely from Grenache Noir.

This wine was matured in an amphora to extract more colour and other polyphenols in order to produce a red wine that is slightly darker than their other wines. It is also quite structured, but there is not a hint of harshness with the wine still maintaining the Mataburro signature freshness and lightness.

At our first tasting of this wine we were impressed with the amazing expression of the Grenache Noir grape that this wine represents. their is fruit at the start, followed by complexity and then an amazing finish where the soft tannins shine through. Tasters used words like soft, dusty and tightly controlled to describe the amazing tannic structure exhibited by the wine. The amphora has certainly delivered!

Once again, here is a wine that has benefitted from grapes that have been grown in soil that has been treated with respect through the commencement of biodynamic treatment. As we have said in the introduction above, Laurent and Melissa are now even eschewing tilling and instead simply rolling the grasses and herbs so that they give back to the soil rather than damaging the vital fungal structures through tilling.

This wine has no additions, including no added sulphites, and no fining or filtration.'

- Living Wines 

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