Michel Gahier Arbois Lou Blanc 2018

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The grapes for the new Lou Blanc cuvée, which benefit from limestone and clay soils in the vineyard are manually harvested and sorted prior to pressing.

The wine is made in the ‘ouillé’ style where the barrels are topped up during maturation so that the wine does not oxidise in the barrel.

This winemaking approach ensures that the resultant wine is fresh and lively with the typical Jura taste of topped-up Melon le Queue Rouge.

This is the variant of Chardonnay that he uses in the La Fauquette and which straddles the line between Savagnin and Chardonnay in texture and flavour.

Melon as a grape variety loves oxidation (as does Savagnin) and is capable of producing wines of incredible complexity and depth. For those of you who have tried La Fauquette in the past, you will know how complex it is. This one has not had the same length of time to evolve and is made for earlier drinking, but it is still a very interesting wine!

- Living WInes

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