Michel Gahier Arbois Vin Jaune 2015

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'Vin Jaune is probably the rarest and most sought-after wine of the Jura region. There is just not enough of it made.

It takes a long time for it to be ready (by law it has to age in wooden barrels for a minimum of six years and three months). While it is aging much of the volume evaporates leaving only small quantities to bottle. The wine must be aged ‘sous voile’ so the barrels cannot be topped up.

This wine has all the characteristics of a great Jura Vin Jaune. It is nutty and spicy and quite compelling to drink. The finish is incredibly long and lingering.

It is a lighter style than others we have tried and hence more nuanced and more delicate. We like to call such a wine a ‘contemplative wine’ because you need to drink it slowly and think about it a lot.'

- Living Wines

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