Mito Inoue Orb 2016

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Unicorn wine territory here. This is a tiny vineyard of mainly Gamay and few indigenous varieties to the Auvergne region. The vineyard is so steep everything has to be done by hand in the vineyard. Here 2014 vintage she only had 1 barrel of wine. less than 24 bottles bought into Australia. 

'We have been communicating with winemaker Mito Inoue for a number of years but she has never had enough wine to allocate some to us. This year we finally got the opportunity to visit her and see her tiny, tiny cellar and walk in her vineyards, despite snow covering the vertiginous slopes to which they precariously cling!

She works in the Auvergne in central France in a village 30 minutes south of the main city of Clermont-Ferrand.

The Orbs was the wine that Mito made from her tiny 2016 harvest. It was made from mainly Gamay with some indigenous and unidentified Auvergne grapes added in small quantities.

It is a beautiful and very individual wine that we were able to buy a small quantity of for Australia.'

- Living Wines 

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