Nicolas Joly Wines - 3 pack


Discover all 3 wines from the Godfather of Biodynamic wines.  Nicolas Joly's three wines show exceptional quality and precision in how good Chenin Blanc can be. 

this 3 pack consists of all three of his wines from the 2016 vintage. 

  • Nicolas Joly - Les Vieux Clos 2016 - AOC Savennières 
  • Nicolas Joly - Clos De La Bergerie 2016 - AOC La roche aux moines 
  • Nicolas Joly - AOC Coulée De Serrant 2016 (Monopole) 


'Le Clos de la Coulée de Serrant is a vineyard responsible for making the world’s most formidable Chenin Blancs, fine and elusive in youth, deeply complex and powerful with age. they also happen to be made according to biodynamic practices, since 1980, by the world’s foremost thinker, philosopher, and practitioner of biodynamic wine farming, Nicolas Joly.

the reputation of the estate, the man and the wines is unquestionable and needs little introduction. these are perhaps the world’s most important wines philosophically when it comes to understanding biodynamics. And they are surely the most idiosyncratic Chenin Blancs in the world.'

- Virtuous Vine 

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