Nomads Garden Pinot Blanc 2021


Vineyard Acacia Park, King Valley Grower Pat Murtagh

Handmade Basket Pressed - Barrel Aged on Lees - No Acid or Enzymes Added - Natural Wild Yeast Ferment

'Sourced from a large well known and well run vineyard perched on the side of a mountain well up from the valley floor and thus cooler, vital for maintaining natural acidity. This vineyard predominantly grows better known more commercial varieties (heaps of Prosecco!). Back in 2017 we discovered Pat had planted a small amount of Pinot Blanc back in the vineyard after discovering the variety on a trip to Europe in the 90s. For the most part in the past the fruit has been blended away and not made into a single varietal wine. After making a small amount of Pinot Blanc from the vineyard as a one off release in 2017 it is now back by popular demand as a permanent fixture in our portfolio.

As with all wines released under the Nomads Garden range input from us in the winery was kept to an absolute minimum. Instead careful attention was paid to working closely with Pat the grower and ensuring grapes were picked at exactly the right moment to ensure the natural pH and the flavours were just right.

Picked in the cool of the night and delivered immediately to our winery. 75% of the fruit was crushed and then gently whole bunch pressed in our wooden basket press and transferred to tank, the remaining 25% was crushed and allowed to sit on skins for 16 hours then basket pressed to the same tank.

Once the juice was in tank it was protected with CO2 until the natural yeast indigenous to vineyard took hold and begun the fermentation process, when using natural yeast we expect fermentation to begin with 3-5 days of crushing. Ferments were temperature controlled to stay cool at approximately 17 degrees Celsius to retain aromatics. Once fermentation was complete the wine was transferred to oak to rest in barrel on its lees for 3 months to create texture.

Lightly Filtered, Hand Bottled on Site, Vegan Friendly. Bottled June, 2021.'

- Nomad Garden

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