Nomads Garden Saperavi 2021


Handmade - Hand Plunged - Basket Pressed - No Acid or Enzymes Added - Natural Wild Yeast Ferment - Barrel Aged on Lees – Unfined

Single Vineyard – Evans Vineyard, King Valley

A new wine for 2021, the fruit is from the vineyard we source the Pinot Meunier. They had a quantity that they couldn’t find a home for in 2021 and was destined for a mega blend at one of the larger processing facilities in the area. We did a bit of brief research and it sounded interesting so we bought 3T.

Saperavi is a Georgian variety. Amazing in the winery, the most intense colour we have ever seen, darker than Durif. The actual flesh of the berry is coloured, we have never seen this before, so intense it stains stainless steel. That is about where the similarities to Durif end, we picked a little earlier and fresher than most at 13.5 baume and the result is a very soft, plush and juicy wine with an extremely lifted perfume.

Winemaking was kept relatively simple, 100% of the fruit was destemmed but not crushed so as to preserve as many whole berries as possible. 72 hour cold soak. Fermentation started immediately, temperature was allowed to rise to 30c where it was held. Hand plunged once daily. 14 days on skins. Basket pressed to 5-6 year old French Oak Barriques and Puncheons for 7 months maturation on full gross lees. Lightly filtered then hand bottled at our winery. Vegan Friendly. Can be chilled to 10-12c.

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