Opi d’Aqui Vin de France l’Abricotier 2018


'Philippe Formentin, the brains behind Opi d’Aqui, loves to experiment – he is always on a quest to make even more delicious, light, red wines as well as his beautiful range of whites. This wine is made entirely from Grenache where he has pulled off that difficult task of developing the flavour profile while ensuring that the red wine is not overly extracted.

The technique he used is best described as semi-carbonic. To make this wine, he destemmed one eight of the grapes and placed them in the bottom of the tank. He then placed whole bunches of the remaining grapes on top of the destemmed grapes. The grapes in the bottom are crushed by the weight of the bunches and they begin to ferment. the whole bunches do not. After fifteen days he pressed all the grapes and allowed the fermentation of the juice to finish.

The name of the cuvee, l’Abricotier, is the name of the vineyard where the grapes were picked. This is a light, delicious and very compelling wine that shows just what a versatile.'

- Living Wines

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