Philippe Bornard, Arbois Pupillin, Ivresse de Noé 2007

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'The fascinating Ivresse de Noé (named after the biblical story of the drunkeness of Noah)is a November harvest Savagnin. Because Savagnin has a hard skin the grapes can withstand the drying process as they wither on the vine and concentrate the flavour inside the grape.
The bunches are then hand-picked and pressed then moved to 400 litre tonneau to mature for two years. The barrels are kept topped up during that time.
A little residual sugar linked to high acidity gives this non-oxidative Savagnin an unusual flavour and texture; it is a beautiful, vinous wine with a very long finish. It is often drunk in the Jura as an apéritif but can also be matched with a wide range of foods.'
- Living Wines

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