Piollot Champagne Côte des Bar MePetit 2018

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'This cuvée from Roland Piollot is composed of 100% Pinot Meunier but has been direct pressed so that the juice is white and hence is named as a Blanc de Noir (white from black).

This term has been designed to signify that the wine has been made from red grapes (even though the juice is red, the colour of the grapes is often closer to black, viz Pinot Noir). Similarly, the term Blanc de Blanc indicates that it is a white wine made from white grapes.

The grapes for this cuvee were sourced from the MePetit vineyard which faces south-east and hence has good exposure. The soil is clay made from calcareous rocks (limestone which is quite common in this area) which provide good minerality for the wine.

Note: When we talk about minerality we do not imply that minerals from the soil are transported into the grapes, however with biodynamic and organic soils there is a myriad of life such as bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi which can break down components of the soil into salts and other compounds and pass these through to the vines.

The wine was aged for nearly 3 years on lees and then bottled with no dosage and no residual sugar, hence it can display Brut Nature on the label. The wine was disgorged in March 2023.

This wine is certified organic through CERTIPAQ FR-BIO-09.'

- Living Wines

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