Pittnauer Pitt Nat 2018


'A méthode ancestrale sparkling blend of Merlot and Syrah from sandy, clayey soils with moderate levels of chalk. Fermentation starts in stainless steel and is completed in the bottle. Alcohol 11%; TA 5.1g/L; RS 6.8g/L.
Like other ground-breaking movements, the natural wine avant-garde didn’t come out of the blue. Most of its methods were already used before but a lot of them were forgotten or neglected in times of increasingly unifying and global trends. Sparkling wines produced in the méthode ancestrale – so called “pét nats” (pétillant-naturel) – are a prime example. Pét nats run through a second fermentation in the bottle and their production demands care and experience. Done well, they produce great results. They’re without any doubt more interesting and quaffable than whatever comes out of a pressure tank. Which is why they were reborn by a group of young French winemakers some years ago and in the meantime made their leap to Gols.
The selection of Merlot and Syrah as main grapes for the Pitt Nat Rosé is a tribute to the homeland of the Pét Nats (and also rosé). Grapes are whole bunch-pressed, spontaneously fermented and bottled with 20-25 grams of residual sugar still left to ferment. This happens in the bottle where the remaining sugar transforms into carbon dioxide and alcohol. After a December night out in the cold (to freeze the yeasts in the bottleneck) our pét nats get disgorged and refilled with the same wine.
This wine was already in last year’s incarnation fun to drink at breakfast, lunch, dinner, New Year’s Eve, in spring, summer and autumn – nothing has changed there, although the flavours are slightly different. It has the colour of a pink grapefruit and tastes a little bit like it. Furthermore it brings together raspberries, rose petals and watermelon. It is enticing and dynamic. It fizzes fresh and vibrant over the finish line.'

– Gerhard Pittnauer

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