Rare Character, straight rye whiskey, single barrel series, picked by Joe.C (56.54%)

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5-year old straight rye single barrel pick, 113.08 proof (56.54% ABV)

'Rare Character Whiskey is a purveyor of fine American whiskey, focused on unique selections tailored to each of our customers and partners. Through special relationships with top distillers across the country, Rare Character has exclusive access to expressions that have never been released to the public.

With ambitious plans for future projects including new brands, special collaborations, novel barrel finishes, and more, Rare Character aspires to breathe life into the American whiskey category. Our dedication to innovation and evolution is driven by profound love and respect for incredible bourbons and ryes.

Through our unprecedented levels of access, strong emphasis on customization, and our driving motivation to challenge industry norms, Rare Character strives to bring you American whiskeys, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Our skillful team is dedicated to helping our customers create whatever they see as “the perfect whiskey”. We say yes where others say no.

Rare Character is a company born from a deep passion for amazing distilled spirits. We aim to pay respect to tradition, while simultaneously uplifting those who challenge the status quo. We know that American whiskey lovers have an appetite for unknown, interesting whiskeys, and we're in a unique position to provide access to some of these beautiful expressions. We believe people are tired of the same old whiskeys, and they're ready to be challenged by ones that have something to say. After all, what's a whiskey without Character?'

- Rare Character Whiskey Company

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