Ravensworth Outlandish Claims Bitter Tonic

'A project that has been quietly bubbling away for a couple of years. Vermouths and aromatised wines emerged when a wine had issues – ploughing various bitters and botanicals covered up the problem and a bit of sweetness pulled it all together. 

Here we have a light red, Grenache, that, while being pretty and all, was a bit lacking in depth so perfect for a bitters. 

Various roots like gentian, angelica and orris were used to add the bitter compounds then a whole suite of Aussie native botanicals were infused to give the complex range of spice, zest and wild herbs. The final stage was to sweeten the wine with a liquor of blood orange zest and herb flowers. 

Drink over ice with a twist go orange or in a gin, vodka or whisky based cocktails. 

Here's a few ideas 

OCBT martini

Have a mixing glass full of ice, pour over 75ml of dry gin, stir ever so gently so you don't wake up your wife - did I mention this is a late night, party in a glass? 

Chill a martini glass with ice, pour out and rub the rim with blood orange zest, leave the zest in the glass and pour in the now well chilled and viscous gin. 

Move to the other side of the room and open your bottle of OCBT and gentle waft the fumes from the bottle in the general direction of you cocktail. Close the bottle and by the time you get to the glass, it will be a perfect dry martini.'

- Ravensworth Wines 

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