Ravensworth 'The long way around' Tamar Valley Pinot Noir 2020


'From over 5000km they came - across both the Nullabor and Bass Strait - five trucks, one train and a boat carrying eight varieties, from five regions to finally reach home, Murrumbateman. You might say the long way around.

We knew early our fruit was toast from bushfires. Many friends from far away offered us fruit and processing space so we scratched together an eclectic mix of esoterica.

One of the high points in 2020, there weren’t many, was getting access, a foot in the door, of some tassy Pinot via my good friend Ricky Evans of Two Tonne Tasmania. He is way past the name on his brand yet still works in these small batches which is a tramp-stamp of a good winemaker.

Probably to least interaction was had with this wine. Ricky sourced the fruit, sent a couple of photos but then really did everything short of writing this column. Tamar Pinot does stand on its own legs, the climate can produce all four seasons, sometimes, as the song goes, in one day but it definitely cool climate for Pinot which is usually picked in mid-April.

Tasting Notes

Full-flavoured, bright red fruits with a snippy herbal note, earthy florals and wood-spice seem to trawl the depths of my sensory ability. Greater minds will pass on their thoughts but for me, its a winner and I’m hoping young Ricky can deliver more of the same in 2021.'

- Ravensworth

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