Sextant - Julien Altaber Métisse 2021

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'The first time Julien Altaber produced this cuvée he gave it the name Métisse (mixed) because it was a mix of both white and red grapes, namely Gamay and Chardonnay. Two years later we saw that there was only Gamay on the label, so we pointed out to Julien that the name was no longer reflective of how he was making the wine. He just gave us one of his cheeky smiles!

He went on to explain that he purchases the Gamay from two parcels of his friend Patrick Besson from Beaujolais. Two-thirds of the grapes are from older vines which he partially destems and then macerates (leaves the skins in the tank) for ten days. The other third of the Gamay is from younger vines and with these grapes he direct presses them to produce a white wine! Hence the wine is still a mix of white and red wine and the name is still valid!!

The juice is matured in fibreglass vats and the resultant wine is a stunner – it is one of the best examples of Gamay that we have ever tried!!!

It is a bright, lively and delicious (and very smashable) wine at a very good price for such a thrilling wine'

- Living Wines

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