Standish Wine Co. Andelmonde Shiraz 2018

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'Kalimna Road, Light Pass. Andelmonde. Or the demimonde, the kind of dissolute half-world where people like me spend their Saturday mornings tasting wine. Here’s an excellent wine, and to an extent, it suffers from being tasted next to the other releases from Standish. Though, standing on the shoulders of giants, and all that…

So pretty. Raspberry, mint, violet, roses, milk chocolate. It’s medium to full-bodied, bright and buoyant, juicy and deft, and while it doesn’t have the heft and length of the other wines in this release, does lay on the charm to wonderful effect. It has a limpid quality that lifts it well above the ruck of so many Barossa wines. The more time I spend with it, the more I appreciate its quality. A quiet achiever, if you like. Beautiful svelte wine. More to come.'

- 95+ points, Gary Walsh, The Wine Front 

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