Kabinett trocken has a blue label to communicate the particular minerality of the blue devonian slate, the soil of the vineyards we work with.

After the first week of harvest the picking crew is growing together and has developed a sure feeling for the quality and the nature of the grapes. Now we begin with the sorting, the pre picking. All vineyard parcels in the Lieser Schlossberg, Rosenlay and Niederberg-Helden are combed through for grapes that have already achieved their ripening potential for the second quality category, i.e. Kabinett. All other grapes remain on the vine and ripen further until the final picking. For Kabinett we also vinify grapes from the Pauls Valley in Lieser, a former side valley of the Moselle with steep slate slopes and old vines. The heat is collected here like in a parabolic mirror. The soil is 100% blue devonian slate and adds particular mineral notes into the wines.

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